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Looking to hire a painter? Essential Cabinet Painting offers professional painting services for all Elk Grove homeowners. We focus on producing the highest quality home painting available in Elk Grove, which is why we specialize in specific painting projects. If you're looking for cabinet painting or kitchen cabinet painting then give us a call at (831) 537-4218 for a free estimate

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One of the best painters in Elk Grove

At Essential Cabinet Painting I'm are confident that we are one of the best painters in the Elk Grove area. I have years of experience under our belt, working on many different types of painting projects all throughout Elk Grove.

There's no job that's too hard for us, I've seen every type of kitchen combination, and every type of wear and tear on cabinets.

From extremely worn and damage cabinets, to outdated walls covered in wallpaper, we're experienced in all of our painting services we offer to Elk Grove.

Newly painted cabinets in a bathroom. The cabinets are white with silver handles.Newly painted cabinets in a bathroom. The cabinets are white with silver handles.

Bathroom cabinets from a full home cabinet painting project in Elk Grove

We offer the best cabinet painting in Elk Grove

I've been servicing Elk Grove for many years now, and have undertaken hundreds of Elk Grove cabinet painting projects. After working with what seems like every style of cabinet (shaker, louvered, distressed, etc), I'm confident that we provide the best cabinet painting available in Elk Grove.

The KCMA cabinet paint I use is also not available in regular department stores. It's industrial grade high quality paint specifically made for cabinets. They put it through intense testing to make sure it lasts for over 10 years.

I have completed a wide array of cabinet painting projects that showcases the level of detail and quality we bring to every Elk Grove home.

Freshly painted kitchen cabinets in Elk Grove painted Hale navyFreshly painted kitchen cabinets in Elk Grove painted Hale navy

Kitchen cabinet painting project for a homeowner in Elk Grove. Cabinets are painted "Hale Navy".

Kitchen cabinet painting

One of the specific cabinet painting services I offer is kitchen cabinet painting in Elk Grove. It's one of our most popular services in Elk Grove, as most people want to upgrade their kitchen without spending thousands of dollars on a full remodel.

Kitchen cabinet painting can honestly transform the way your kitchen looks. Going from a dark stained color to a white, or even dark shade of kitchen cabinets really changes the mood and feeling of the space.

I've done plenty of kitchen cabinet painting projects in Elk Grove, all of which have been met with positive praise from every homeowner that has chosen Essential Cabinet Painting to paint their kitchen cabinets.

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