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Painter in Roseville

Since I started Essential Cabinet painting in 2019 we have provided painting services to every homeowner in Roseville. I place a big emphasis on quality because I know how it feels to pay for a service and receive not-so-good results.

I want every customer who trusts me to paint their cabinets to know that at the bare minimum they will be receiving quality work no matter what. All of the products I use to paint homes in Roseville are top of the line painting products.

These painting products undergo specific tests to make sure the paint can withstand the everyday wear and tear that happens with paint inside of a home.

At Essential Cabinet Painting I truly do try and go above and beyond with every painting project. I'm able to do this because I have years of painting experience under my belt, working on a multitude of projects throughout Roseville.

I'm not a faceless corporation operating with contractors out of Roseville. I manage everything. From giving out estimates, all the way to actually painting your Roseville home.

Painting cabinets in Roseville

Like I said earlier, I've been servicing Roseville since the beginning. Since then, I've completed hundreds of cabinet painting projects for local Roseville homeowners.

A lot of the times Roseville homeowners will come to me not knowing what type of paint they want to use on their Cabinets. They might have an idea or feeling of what they want, but it's hard to imagine what it will look like actually on the cabinets.

Each home is different - with different lightbulb lighting and natural lighting. This can make the paint appear different from home to home. This is where my years of experience can help. I've probably seen and painted almost a thousand homes at this point, and I can instantly give a good suggestion for which color would look good on your cabinets.

I also keep up with the latest cabinet painting trends. Sometimes companies release new paint that can last longer and look better. Other times something goes out of style and can make your home look dated 10 years down the line.

My entire goal is to give you the look you want, and I can use the experience i've gained from painting cabinets in Roseville to help you achieve that look.

If you're looking for examples of our quality, check out our projects page.

A picture of kitchen cabinets painted white.A picture of kitchen cabinets painted white.

A kitchen cabinet painting project completed for a homeowner in Roseville

Roseville kitchen cabinet painting

Sometimes homeowners just want one specific area of their home painted. Usually this ends up being the kitchen cabinets, as it's one of the more defining areas of a home.

A kitchen can really make or break your home, it's one of the most used areas in the home. Kitchen cabinet painting can really transform the look of your entire kitchen. Kitchen cabinets sit eye level, so they're the first thing people notice when entering the kitchen.

A good set of paint on your cabinets can last you upwards of 15 years - and we only use the highest quality paint so you will easily hit that number. We use KCMA approved paint, so you wont have to worry about wear and tear on your kitchen cabinets. It's tested rigorously to withstand that.

If you're looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen to modern design trends without spending thousands of dollars remodeling your kitchen, give our Roseville kitchen cabinet painting service a try.

A well lit kitchen with freshly painted white kitchen cabinetsA well lit kitchen with freshly painted white kitchen cabinets

Freshly painted kitchen cabinets for a homeowner in Roseville, CA

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