The Process

1Uninstall Door/Drawers

We will label and uninstall the door and drawer fonts. We will then store all the hardware in that same opening and return the piece back to its original place after refinishing.


After the doors and drawers are removed, we will begin to mask and cover the kitchen. This will prevent dust and paint from getting on any unpainted surfaces. We will then begin to clean and sand your kitchen before we start the painting portion

3Prime & Paint

After we do a thorough cleaning and sanding, we will begin to spray the primer. This phase is very important and will ensure bonding and adhesion for the following top coat. Following the primer, we will do another round of sanding and fill in voids and seams. After this is completed, we will spray the top coats. (2-3 Coats)


Once the painting is done, we will return the doors and drawers back to their original location freshly refinished! We will then proceed to clean the surrounding area and ensure everything is perfect!

5Sit back & Enjoy

The last and best step is to sit back & enjoy your cabinet transformation! The grand reveal of your brand new looking cabinets will be a great addition to your kitchen!

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