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In need of a Granite Bay painter? Essential Cabinet Painting is one of the best painters located in Granite Bay. Offering high quality specialized cabinet painting and kitchen cabinet painting services to Granite Bay homeowners. If you're a Granite Bay homeowner looking to get a free painting estimate, call Essential Cabinet Painting at (831) 537-4218!

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Painters in Granite Bay

I've been servicing Granite Bay since the very beginning of starting Essential Cabinet Painting, completing hundreds of painting jobs for Granite Bay homeowners. We're one of the best painters servicing Granite Bay today.

When I started the businesses I had the goal of providing the absolute best painting services in Granite Bay. The projects speak for themselves. Whether it's cabinet painting, or kitchen cabinet painting, I always try to keep the quality the same

I use modern painting techniques combined with state of the art paint for every painting job in Granite Bay. For example, when painting cabinets, only use KCMA approved paint is used. This paint is put through rigorous testing to ensure that it can withstand the normal wear and tear cabinets get exposed to.

A well lit modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and freshly painted white cabinets. All appliances are removed from the kitchen to accommodate the paintersA well lit modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and freshly painted white cabinets. All appliances are removed from the kitchen to accommodate the painters

A cabinet painting project we completed for a Granite Bay homeowner with damaged cabinets

Cabinet painting in Granite Bay

When it comes to cabinet painting Essential Cabinet Painting are one of the best in Granite Bay. It has been our primary service in Granite Bay since we began servicing the area.

For every cabinet painting project I guide the homeowner throughout the entire process. Sometimes a homeowner isn't sure what kind of cabinet color they want, or they just know what kind of feeling they want the cabinets to give off. This is 100% not a problem at all, I can easily help any Granite Bay homeowner find the right color for their cabinets.

I have a commitment to high quality when it comes to cabinet painting in Granite Bay. Take a look at our projects - we have pictures of each project completed recently with before and after pictures.

Kitchen cabinet painting for Granite Bay

A lot of homeowners in Granite Bay are specifically looking for kitchen cabinet painting for their home. Kitchen cabinet painting is a great option for homeowners looking to get that "remodel" feel without spending tens of thousands of dollars remodeling their entire kitchen.

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the best things that people notice when entering a kitchen. They're also the most prominent piece of the kitchen. Most people think of the flooring, or the countertops as central to the appearance of a kitchen, but it's actually the cabinets.

Take a look for yourself, there's numerous kitchen cabinet painting projects in Granite Bay Essential Cabinet Painting has completed over the past couple years, and you can see the massive difference a painting kitchen cabinets can have on a kitchen. It can go from looking old and outdated to completely modern in just a matter of days!

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