Cabinet Painting in Roseville, CA

Looking to fix your worn out cabinets in Roseville? You've come to the right place! We are the best cabinet painting painting company near you. Our Roseville cabinet painting service is one of the best in Roseville, using KCMA approved paint, and applying years of cabinet painting experience.

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Cabinet Painting in Roseville CA

The best cabinet painting in Roseville

We at Essential Cabinet Painting have been providing cabinet painting services to Roseville for years. We've seen many different types of cabinets throughout Roseville. From plain wood cabinets, to stained cabinets, all the way to cabinet painting.

We use professional grade KCMA approved cabinet paint for all of our Roseville cabinet painting jobs. Using KCMA approved cabinet paint for our Roseville cabinet painting services means that your cabinets will last for 10+ years.

KCMA puts their cabinet painting through rigorous testing environments to ensure the quality of the paint. This is why Essential Cabinet Painting will only use KCMA approved paint, and won't use any general paint found in a hardware store like Home Depot to paint cabinets. We want our Roseville customers receive the best cabinet painting from Essential Cabinet Painting for their Roseville home.

Hire a professional for your Roseville cabinet painting

When it comes to cabinet painting in Roseville, hiring a cabinet painting professional is very important. Cabinet painting involves a multi-step process to ensure the cabinet paint stays on your cabinets for years.

Using things like a paint brush, or paint roller are huge red flags when it comes to painting cabinets. Ask the cabinet painting company what tools they’ll use to paint your cabinets, and if it’s anything other than a paint sprayer then you need to get in contact with an actual professional cabinet painting company.

Cabinet painting isn’t something any painting company can do themselves. Roseville cabinet painting requires specific KCMA cabinet paint, and specific knowledge on how to paint cabinets.

Cabinet painting near you in Roseville

When hiring a company to paint your cabinets, we recommend going for local company, and one that specializes in cabinet painting. We’ve seen many botched cabinet painting jobs from non-local painting companies who aren’t specialized in cabinet painting.

Here’s a specific example from a Roseville customer. This Roseville homeowner needed their cabinets painted, so they hired a general painter to paint their cabinets.

The company wasn’t local, and didn’t use any of the modern cabinet painting techniques. They used a paint roller to and paint brush to paint the cabinets.

The company also didn’t remove the cabinets. Instead, they kept all of the cabinets on and painted them inside of the Roseville home.

The paint started to chip and flake within a year, and the homeowners could notice the streaks from the paint roller and paint brush.

The importance of local cabinet painting near you in Roseville

Essential Cabinet Painting, one of the best Roseville cabinet painting companies, came in and redid the cabinet painting work. We took down all of the cabinets and drawers and brought them back to our facility to properly treat and paint them.

  • We sanded off all of the old paint to give us a brand new surface for when we started cabinet painting.
  • We applied multiple coats of primer to the cabinets, using a paint sprayer to apply the primer to ensure full coverage of the cabinets.
  • After the primer dried we took a polish sand paper and used that over the primer. This ensures the final cabinet paint stays on for as long as possible.
  • Finally, we applied 2 coats of KCMA paint using a sprayer (not a roller), to ensure full coverage of the cabinet.

The process is much more involved than just “taking paint and painting your cabinets”. Roseville cabinet painting requires specific knowledge and training that general painters simply can’t offer.

Kitchen cabinet painting near you in Roseville

When it comes to kitchen cabinet painting Essential Cabinet Painting is the best in Roseville. We have years of of experience painting kitchen cabinets in the Roseville area.

Our expertise in kitchen cabinet painting has helped make a name for ourselves in Roseville. With over 96 five star reviews across Yelp and Google we’ve helped countless customers change the entire appearance of their kitchen with a simple kitchen cabinet painting.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our projects page to get a look at some of our work.

Contact the best cabinet painting company near you in Roseville

Essential cabinet painting is a licensed and certified cabinet painting company. We’ve completed hundreds of cabinet painting services for homeowners in Roseville.

We don’t cut corners, and we are highly committed to providing exceptional quality with our cabinet painting. Take a look at our past work for some examples of the transformations we've given Roseville homeowners.

Call or text us at (831) 537-4218, or fill out our contact form. In either case we’ll get back to you with a free quote within 24 hours.

Kitchen cabinets painted white from a kitchen cabinet painting project for a homeowner in RosevilleKitchen cabinets painted white from a kitchen cabinet painting project for a homeowner in Roseville

A kitchen cabinet painting project for a homeowner in Roseville. This one took us 2 days to complete.

Roseville kitchen cabinet painting case study

We had a Roseville homeowner contact us through our form for a free estimate. She explained that their cabinets had been stained 5 years prior, but wanted to liven up the kitchen more.

To start the job out we removed and mark all of the existing cabinets and drawers. Each cabinet, drawer, and area they were removed from were marked (so we can put them back in the right area!).

We prefer not to paint the cabinets and drawers at the homeowners location. Painting at our own facility gives us the ability to make sure we have full paint covered on the cabinets.

However, we need to still paint the areas were the cabinets and drawers attach. To do that we covered and masked every area of the kitchen we didn't want paint to touch. For the kitchen cabinets and the areas inside the Roseville home we used a paint sprayer, allowing us to get 100% full coverage (and not leave streak marks).

For the kitchen cabinets and drawers we sanded off the dark stain to give us a fresh wood surface to work with. To make sure our final paint layers last for 10+ years we used 2 coats of primer.

After the first primer coat is applied we let it dry, and used a polish sandpaper over the entire cabinet. Doing this allows the primer to fully set on the cabinets when we apply the second layer of primer.

With the primer applied we used a paint sprayer to apply two coats of the Roseville homeowners choice of KCMA approved paint. KCMA approved paint is the best paint on the market. It's thoroughly tested to last for years and withstand considerable damage.

The results of our Roseville cabinet painting project was nothing short of amazing. The Roseville homeowner was extremely satisfied with the look of her new kitchen. The new white color really livened the kitchen up, giving it a breath of fresh air.

Roseville homeowners kitchen cabinet painting review

Meghan Anderson


We had an awesome experience with Essential Cabinet Painting! Devon was very responsive when I contacted him and easy to work with. His bid was fair and competitive. I went with Devon because he responded quickly (so professional) and he has great Yelp reviews. His crew was on time, fast, and considerate when they were in my home. My cabinets went from dark brown to white and look AMAZING! They did a great job! We have gotten many compliments on our kitchen makeover. I would not hesitate to use Essential again and I have recommended Devon to our friends!

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